Our business falls into five practice areas:

New Venture Creation * We specialize in analyzing the commercial potential of technical ideas, and, when it is warranted, helping scientists and entrepreneurs create new companies or find other commercial applications of their work. We generally operate these companies from the very beginning of their formation through the hiring of full-time senior management, including market analysis, business development, financial projections, negotiating licenses, and securing funding.

Technology Commercialization Consulting * Working with universities and local governments, Ignition Venture teams help analyze existing technology transfer processes, and then work with university and government managers to design and implement new processes that fit the needs and capacities of the client.

Strategy and Operations Consulting * Seasoned consultants perform classic business strategy consulting work, executive coaching, and advisory services. Because many of our consultants work part-time, we can provide top-quality consulting at a very reasonable price, but we carefully limit the size of the consulting cases we will accept.

Licensing * Our licensing consultants work with top attorneys to negotiate licenses from universities and laboratories around the country.

Science and Technology Consulting * Our team of top lab scientists provides science and engineering consulting for operating companies and technical due diligence for investors.